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Here are some ideas to make your next party or event a smashing success!


Starting with a theme for your child's next birthday party will make planning easier. Here are a few of the most popular kid's birthday party themes:


    This is one of the most requested themes for little girls. What little girl does not love Disney Princess?
    Here are some fun ideas your little birthday girl is sure to love!

    The Princess Party Begins... Announce the guests upon arrival and escort them to the royal preparation table, where they will receive a small amount of lipstick, blush and eye shadow. If you have not already suggested the girls wear their favorite dress-up dress, provide a box of special dress up clothes and a mirror.

    Cinderella's Glass Slipper
    Make a "glass slipper" before the party, using silver spray paint or glue and glitter, on a high heeled shoe. You will also need an old, tattered shoe for game time. Position the girls into a circle. Pass the shoe around the circle while music is playing. Ring a bell to signal the stroke of midnight. The player holding the slipper when the bell rings, receives the old shoe to hold, while sitting in the middle. She is then in charge of the bell ringing for the next round. At the end of the game every player receives a Disney Princess prize; necklace, ring, Disney Princesses fruit snacks etc.

    Snow White's Poison Apple
    Little princesses need to find the poison apple, before Snow White takes a bite! Before the party, tie a green ribbon around the stem of one red apple. Hide that apple with several more apples around the party space. To play, simply explain to the children that Snow white is going apple picking and one of the apples is poisonous. Can they find it? If you want to add more poisonous apples, just tie more ribbons around the stems.

    Who Am I
    Before the party, place stickers of Disney Princesses on several 3x5 cards - one Princess per card. To play, tape the cards onto the girls backs, so that they cannot see their own Princess. The object of the game is to identify which princess is on you back, by asking yes/no questions of the other players.

    Does my princess have brown hair?
    Is my princess wearing a blue dress?

    Don't forget, Emerald Coast Party Rentals has the Disney Princess giant inflatable that your little princess and her guests will enjoy to no end!


    This is an extremely popular theme for boys and girls alike!

    PIRATE PARTY INVITATIONS: Send the invitations 2-3 weeks before the party. Purchase matching invitations or make your own with cardstock paper. Fashion a pretend treasure map to help to set the mood... You may be able to find one on-line to print and glue to your paper Write... Ahoy matey! "X" marks the spot where you'll find a fun birthday party!

    Walk the Plank
    Use a 2x4 board to make the plank. The children take turns walking across the board. When they get to the end they all get a chocolate coin or a small prize. Repeat as many times as you wish.

    "X" Marks the Spot
    Play like Pin the tail on the donkey-- Before the party make a treasure map from poster board and mark an X for the location of the treasure. Also make a pirate flag (small squares of colored paper) for each child with a skull and crossbones on one side and double stick tape on the other. At game time cover the players eyes (one player at a time) with a pirate's bandana. Spin the player gently 2-3 times, then point him towards the map where he will attempt to find the treasure with his flag. The player with the flag closest to the treasure wins!

    Treasure Toss
    Before the party decorate a cardboard box to look like a wooden chest, or use a real chest if you have one. Leave the top off or open. Make or purchase five bean bags. This is a simple bean bag toss game where the children will take turns tossing the bean bags into the box from a pre-determined location.

    Pirate Party Cake
    Make your own pirate cake with a regular 9x13 sheet cake. Frost part of the cake blue for the sea. Sand is frosted light brown with toasted coconut on top. Stand "Play-Mobil" or Fisher- Price Pirate figures on top. Party supply stores will carry plastic palm trees and maybe a boat!

    Red Ruby Punch
    Little pirates will love the tasty jewels in this drink. The night before the party, fill ice trays with red fruit punch. Serve the red ruby ice in clear plastic cups with a lemon lime soda.

    Don't forget! Emerald Coast Party Rentals also has the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean giant inflatable that will add that WOW factor to your child's birthday party.


    Batman Birthday Party - Batman Begins Party A Batman birthday party guide with Batman party games, activities and decorating ideas. Invite your friends to the Bat Cave, for a fun-filled Batman birthday party!

    Little Caped Crusaders - Batman or Batgirl
    When the children arrive for the party give every child a cape and mask. Cut large rectangles (about 45"x35") from black non-fraying, fabric and simply tie two corners together. Enlist another adult or teenager to face paint masks on each child. A simple mask outline will do. Tip: Use Pinking shears to cut the fabric. This will prevent the fabric from unraveling during the party.

    Have the children take turns wearing a court jesters hat and leading the other children for a game of follow the leader.

    Bat Planes
    Provide black paper, batman stickers and gel pens for making Bat Planes. Later the children will use these for a game.

    Batman to the Rescue
    Make a Bat Signal on a large piece of butcher paper, white sheet or cardboard. Have the children take the Bat Planes and form a circle around the signal. When you say "POW" - The children will throw their planes towards the bat signal trying to land on it. Play this several times giving everyone a candy or small prize when the game is over.

    Batman Training Course
    Being a super hero takes strength and agility. Develop those skills with a fun obstacle course. It's best to have an obstacle course game in a large room or outdoors. Use household items such as chairs, pillows, sleeping bags, hula hoops, old tires or anything you can find to create a challenging course. Show the children how to run the course from beginning to end to avoid chaos. Place exciting music and off they go. Every time they reach the end of the course they get a sticker, candy or small prize.

    Don't forget! Emerald Coast Party Rentals has a Batman Jumphouse! Your kids will LOVE this awesome addition to their Batman party!


    Thomas the Tank Engine Birthday Party
    Grab your ticket and hop aboard for this fun-filled Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party, including party games, crafts, activities and party ideas for children who love Thomas and and all his friends from the Island of Sodor!

    Train Party Invitations:
    Make a train ticket by hand or use your computer.
    All Aboard...to celebrate ___'s Birthday!
    Name of "Station" Your Name
    Please meet at Track # "street address"
    RSVP: To the Station Master

    Travel the Tracks with Thomas and Friends
    Use several packing boxes, one per child and decorate them to look like train cars. Play train music and have the kids line up to the command, "All Aboard". They will play follow the leader pretending to be a train. The leader will put on a special "Conductor" hat and be the leader or Sir Topham Hat (change leaders often). Make train noises and movements. Have obstacles set up for them to go around, through and under. Variation: An even simpler version of this games is to allow the children to use their train cars to go around the course without a leader. When the game is over say "EVERYONE BACK TO THE STATION HOUSE!" TIP: Use this method, help the children move from one area of the party to another...i.e. activities, presents/goodie bags and cake.

    Bean Bag Toss:
    Make a train out of shoe boxes painted in various colors. Use cardboard or black paper for the train wheels. Make a small 1-2 foot set of train tracks on the floor with tape. Set the box trains an appropriate distance from the train track. The children will take turns trying to toss three bean bags into the train boxes while standing on the train tracks. Remember with little ones you should give a sticker or small reward to every player. Lots of clapping and cheering!

    Musical "Train Cars": Play train music and have the kids climb into a car when the music stops. We don't recommend traditional competitive play for young train lovers...there should be enough boxes for all of the children.

    Mr. Conductor Says
    Play like Simon Says - only switch to "Mr. Conductor Says"

    Don't forget! Emerald Coast Party Rentals has a Chuggy Choo Choo Train giant inflatable that will be perfect for your train party!

    Why You Should Use Emerald Coast Party Rentals

    • We use LICENSED inflatables, such as Disney Princess, Cars, etc. Kids LOVE our inflatables!
    • Top notch customer service! We are HAPPY to answer your questions.
    • Best prices in town, call us!
    • We have everything you need for your next party! Inflatables, tents, tables, chairs, food machines, etc. Call us at 850-785-4280 or come on down to see us at 3120 W. 23rd Street in Panama City Florida. We would be thrilled to show you our inflatables and how we can make your next party a success!


    Check out our beautiful Disney Princess Inflatable! Every little girl wants this one at her next birthday party! We have inflatables for boys as well!
    Just CLICK on the green arrows on either side to rotate the image and see it in 3D!

    3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.

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